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GEOCORD® is the high-density geocell is strengthened with extra high reinforcing fibres longitudinally and can be used in the following conditions: 

  • Erosion control. 

  • Landscaping design.

  • Ground redevelopment.

  • Constructive layers for roads.

  • Reinforcement of weak bases. 

  • Strengthening of railway ballast.

  • Seismically resistant retaining walls.

  • Strengthening of channels and watercourses.

A reinforced three-dimensional geocell is an excellent solution for a wide range of infrastructure groundwork projects.

GEOCORD® carries a range of benefits rivalling that of well known geocell on the market today:

  • Reduction of vertical stress on the subgrade layer by 67%.

  • Reduction of road surface thickness by 22%.

  • Increase of load-bearing capacity by 10%.

  • Increase of resistance to loads by 35%.

  • Reduction of plastic deformation by 35%.

  • Increase of service life of constructions by 55%.

GEOCORD® design:

Unlike traditional three-dimensional polymer cells, GEOCORD® has extra strength through its high reinforcing fibres.


Without the use of GEOCORD® supporting the sub-base, constant below and above ground movement can cause significant damage.

With GEOCORD® Installed

With the use of GEOCORD®, the load is redistributed onto the neighbouring cells, reducing stress on the underlying basement and creating
a “flexible slab”.

Load Distribution

The flexible yet robust GEOCORD® allows for the tight compaction of fill material. Together with the integrity of each cell, load distribution is maintained due to the stability of each of its individual geocell.

Lasting Stability

GEOCORD® maintains its  performance in high and low temperatures eliminating the danger of rupture or destruction of the geocells wall.

Economic benefits:

  • Up to 15% savings by reducing tape thickness with no damage
    to physical and mechanical properties.

  • Up to 20% savings by replacing crushed stone on sand-infill.

Technical and functional benefits:

  • Up to 50% increase of strength properties.

  • Up to 75 years increased product life cycle.

  • Increased resistance to long-term dynamic and static loads.

  • Resistance to deformation under multiple temperature changes.

  • 100% resistance to repeated freezing and thawing.

  • 100% resistance to UV-oxidation.

  • 98% resistance to cyclic loads.

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