PRESTORUS brings together over
20 years of experience in the design and application of geosynthetic materials  

The three-dimensional weld-free rolled geocell reinforcement suitable for a range of infrastructure applications. 


GEOSTEP® is an innovative product that can be used for a wide range of infrastructure projects and erosion prevention:

  • Dams.

  • Embankments.

  • Complex slopes.

  • Slope protection (20° to 65°).

  • Coastline reinforcement.

  • Shoreline erosion.

  • Railway slopes.

  • Slope erosion control. 

  • Bridge abutment protection.

  • Surface water disposable structures.

GEOSTEP® has a vast range of benefits providing value engineering to any

earthwork project:

  • Increased installation of up to 20%.

  • No expensive equipment needed.

  • Rolled material speeds up installation.

  • Storage is wound rolled.

  • Reduction of downward shift.

  • Higher drainage capacity.

  • Geocell displacement down theslope reduced.

  • Reinforcement integrity ensured.

  • Fill material securely held in cells.

  • Solid protection from top to bottom.

GEOSTEP® design:

The walls of GEOSTEP® cells are perpendicular to the horizon, so the filler material is not subject to washing
out or emptying from the cells, and, therefore, it is not necessary to carry correction works every year.

This allows you to save up to 10% annually on the maintenance of the site.

Polymer Sheet

GEOSTEP® is made from a polymer sheet with longitudinal cuts ending with oblong holes.

Storage & Transportation

In order to ease the storage and transportation GEOSTEP® is produced and delivered in rolls.

Cellular Construction

A three-dimensional cellular construction (section) is formed
when the polymer sheet is stretched  on a slope.


Once the GEOSTEP® is placed, 
the section is filled with fractioned
or granular materials. Slope reinforcement with 
after backfilling with soil.

50m slope using GEOSTEP® 

Long roll length allows you
to strengthen the entire length
of the slope just with one piece.

Economic benefits:

  • Costs per m   reduced up to 30% if compared to traditional geocells.

  • Increased up to 3,2m   roll width allows to speed up installation works by 50%.

  • Enlarged up to 650m   roll area allows increased the capacity of the material loaded into freight transport by 150% and thus to reduce shipping costs by 60%.

  • Fastening system for interconnection of sections allows both to speed up installation works by
    20% and to stop using expensive equipment (compressors, staplers, staples, etc.).




Technical and functional benefits:
  • Less infill material washout due to the fact that the walls of cells are located perpendicular
    to the horizon.
  • Increased drainage properties.
  • The large length of the winding allows strengthening slopes completely from the sole to the edge, ensuring the monolithic reinforcement and the absence of waste.
  • Resistance to aggressive environment and ultraviolet.
  • Possibility of application in different climatic conditions from -65 °С to 70 °С.
  • Service life is up to 75 years.

GEOSTEP® fastening system

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