Sleeve-It® by Strata Systems, Inc.

is the only pre-engineered fence post stabilisation solution 


Key product features: 

  • Unitary Design.

  • Lightweight. 

  • Easy to Ship. 

  • Easy to Stock. 

  • Easy to Install.

  • Reduces Maintenance. 

  • Made with Recycled Materials.

Sleeve-It® SD-1 is a pre-engineered fence post anchoring solution for enhancing below-grade foundational stability in fences placed on top of a segmental retaining wall (SRW).
Sleeve-It’s patent-pending design allows stable fence footings to be integrated into the support structure of the SRW while it is being constructed. Because of its cantilevered form and other properties, using Sleeve-It during the SRW build permits
a code-compliant fence to be constructed, eliminating the 36” offset requirements of IBC 1015.2.

In addition:

The Asset BaFix rail ballast retention solution in conjunction with Sleeve-It can be used to provide a lightweight retaining solution, ready to pour the foundation unit to anchor a galvanised or GRP key clamp hand railing system.

Product benefits:

  • Code compliant.

  • Maximises land uses.

  • Stackable and portable.

  • Compatible with most fences.

  • Recycled material.

  • Design consideration and compliance to BS 1722 part 14 loading including personnel loading 740N/m at a height of 1.1m above ground level.

  • Code compliant with IBC Sections 1015.2 and 1607.8.1
    and ASCE 7 4.5.1.


  • Stronger and more reliable than non-compliant cardboard tubing and other fabricated sleeves.

  • The lightweight, unitary design makes Sleeve-It easy to sack, store and transport to job sites - reducing stocking space, shipping costs and labour requirements.

  • Reduces liability and risk associated with fence failure. 

  • Maximises land use eliminates the offset requirement for rails and fences within 36" of the edge of the open side of SRW.

  • Reduces installation time and reduces labour costs. 

  • Easy to install seamlessly integrates into the SRW construction process and eliminates the hassle of auguring once the wall is complete.

  • Recycled material Sleeve-It is made with 95% post-consumer recycled polypropylene.


95% post-consumer recycled polypropylene.


Sleeve-It units are palletised in a stacked, nested. 


Enhancing fence post stability.

Stable and Strong

Strong and easy to install.

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please review the Sleeve-IT brochure


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