Hillblock™ is the new standard in coastal protection representing major advancement in shoreline and river bank protection 


The versatility of Hillblock™ means that it can be used in the following environments: 

  • Protection of coastal areas and lands. 

  • Water engineering projects.

  • Shoreline and riverbank protection. 

  • Embankment work.

  • Sustainable revetment. 

  • Levee revetment.

  • Bridge and scour protection. 

  • River and flood projects. 

  • Erosion control. 

The Dutch are world leaders in flood prevention and water management. A long tradition in dike (levee) building along with a strong innovative culture have led to the implementation of a new standard in Dutch coastal protection. The Hillblock™ is now the proven front line in the battle against flooding and erosion. Asset International Structures are the licensed partner for the UK and Ireland. 

Invention and Patent

Hillblock™ was invented by Hans Hill and filed for patent protection in 2011. In 2012 the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat) rigorously tested the Hillblock™ in the famous Delta Wave Flume. The stability of the Hillblock™ not only met but exceeded all expectations. 

The development of the Hillblock™

represents a new standard in UK coastline protection. Stronger coastline at lower cost. 

Hillblock block Image.jpg


Hillblock's unique properties:

  • Promotes living space for the flora and fauna. 

  • Quick installation time of up to 600m2 per day. 

  • 30-50% lighter than other revetment blocks. 

  • A slope with HillblockTM is self-cleaning. 

  • Tested with waves higher than 3m. 

  • Transport and CO2 emissions reduced to up to 70%. 

  • Accommodates potential differential settlement. 

  • Perfect for reducing erosion. 

Hillblock's highly innovative and unique revetment block uses proven technology. The patented design of this concrete block is used to line slopes and significantly reduces the impact of waves and wave run-up compared to existing types of shore protection. The use of the Hillblock™ means that revetments require less if any heightening. The shape and mass not only makes for cost savings on production it creates stability on slopes, making the Hillblock™ system better for the environment and easier to put in place. 

Reduced Transport and CO2 Emissions 

Less concrete means proportionately less weight. More square metres of Hillblock™ can be transported per square metre than dense stone columns of similar heights, reducing CO2 emissions in transportation. 

Environment, Fauna and Flora

The unique structure of the blocks stimulates the ecological growth of algae on the revetment. Due to the patented concrete, the blocks can hold moisture in the tidal zone and encourage the attachment of algae preventing the structure getting too hot. The open spaces and the structure of the Eco-Hillblocks promote the living space for flora and fauna above and below the water. The blocks hollow spaces can be filled with soil, sand and vegetation in order to create nature-friendly shorelines. 

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