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Our Heritage

asset International Structure’s heritage in the corrugated steel pipe market stems back to 1896. ARMCO based in Crawfordsville, Indiana were the first manufactures of the product and since such
a time the product has become a major drainage and construction tool throughout the world.
In 1954, ARMCO established its manufacturing plant in South Wales. With many years of trading success, ARMCO’s UK arm was sold and purchased by Hill & Smith Holdings PLC in 1986 and began trading under the name of asset International Structures, a division of Hill & Smith Ltd.

Our Growth and Evolution

Since 1986 asset International Structures has firmly positioned itself as a market leader in the corrugated steel pipe market with its leading brand name of ‘MultiPlate®’. In its various format, ‘MultiPlate®’ has been produced for supply into the road construction industry for over 100 years.
Over the years asset International Structures has fully embraced the necessity of providing value-engineering solutions. Each project undertaken considers: improving functionality, enhancing life span and assists in reducing costs. 
In order to increase the span range, asset ‘StrenCor’ was added to the product suite back in 2000. asset ‘StrenCor’ was the first large scale deep corrugated arch structure installed over a live railway within the UK and was also the widest corrugated steel arch designed and constructed within the UK in recent years.
Over the past ten years, additional product lines have been added to the portfolio including asset BEBO precast arch and asset VSoL retained earth structures for both the highway and rail infrastructure markets within the UK.
2006 saw the Introduction of the precast concrete asset BEBO arch system designed by Swiss engineers. BEBO’s wealth of experience over fifty years, combined with the building of 1200 arch structures worldwide made a perfect addition to asset’s portfolio. asset International Structures became the exclusive licensee for the UK and Ireland in pursuit of the tunnels and bridges market. Since the acquisition of the licence, asset has been able to expand into new markets within the private and public sectors including housing, rail, highways and marine and coastal.

Our Strategic Focus

Continuously looking forward, asset International Structures strategic focus ensures that it works closely with its clients to provide the best possible engineering services all covered under its PI insurance.
asset’s approach is to deliver concise, value-added innovative design solutions through its chosen business activities. Achieving sustainable growth and increasing market share from the existing products portfolio including asset MultiPlate®, asset StrenCor, asset BEBO, asset VSoL, asset BaFix and asset FRP.

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Our Services

We provide full turnkey design services. Supporting our clients from concept to completed solutions is part
of our professional approach, delivery and aftercare service.

Our team of engineering specialists are always on hand to assist and discuss your requirements.

Asset International Structures Our FREE Services

Our FREE professional design service includes:

STAGE 01: - Contacting Us

  • Initial discussion of the project to review client's requirements including the project application, the project brief or scope of works.

  • A review of the project is undertaken in order to provide a solution from our product range.

  • Produce 2D cross-sections or a plan layout prior to offering a formal quotation.

  • Conduct a design check to CD375 when offering Asset MultiPlate® MP200 solutions.

  • Provide initial technical support up to 1 hour.

STAGE 02 - Obtaining a Quotation:

  • If stage 01 of the process is successful and the client accepts the solution then a formal quotation will be submitted. 

STAGE 03 - Technical Support:

  • Full technical support is provided on all orders placed.

  • AutoCAD drawings are available on request.

Asset International Structures Our ADDITIONAL Services

Our Additional Services

  • Product presentations

  • Full technical presentations

  • Project consultation meetings

  • Pre-start meetings

Asset International Structures Our DESIGN Services

Our professional design services can be commissioned for the following requirements:

Our Design Services:

  • Professional design service contract, which can incorporate superstructure, design to CAT2/3, AIP's and complete engineering drawings.

  • Desk study reports for a chosen product and potential applications.

  • Substructure design on our own products can be offered with local engineering support.

  • Provide design capacity check on existing corrugated steel bolted structures.

  • Design and check certificates on our own products.

  • Produce 3D overview layouts.

Asset International Structures Our INSURANCE

Confirmation of Insurance:

All of our commissioned services are covered by our Public and Product Liability Insurance. Limit of Indemnity up to £50 million. 

Professional Indemnity limit £5.0 million

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Insurance Certificate available on request