StrenCor is the versatile deep corrugated structures for the road and rail sector designed for a range of applications  

Asset StrenCor


Asset StrenCor is suitable for a wide range
of projects including:

Here at Asset International Structures, our goal is to offer a comprehensive array of services, these include:

  • Green bridges or wildlife underpasses.

  • Vehicle underpasses.

  • Underground storage.

  • Railway underpasses.

  • Bridges.

  • Stream culverts.

  • Box culverts.

  • Relining structures.

  • Mine portals.

The benefits of the (DCSP)
381mm x 140mm or 500mm x 237mm  

Asset StrenCor 6.0m - 20.0m span range:

  • Strong cost-effective design.

  • Efficient installation.

  • Lightweight design giving effective site access.

  • Optimising steel strength.

  • Ready for use immediately after backfilling.

Manchester Metro MultiPlate.jpg

Manchester Metro

Three StrenCor structures used to
re-line failing bridges. 


Tynaarlo - Netherlands

Two StrenCor structures used to create road access for housing, ecological passage wildlife
and fauna.

Aberthaw ASSET Arch 141008.jpg

Aberthaw Quarry Tunnel

Large StrenCor arch installed to accommodate the quarry extension.

StrenCor Poland 02 2011.jpg

S5 Expressway - Poland

Twin StrenCor structure and a single MultiPlate MP200. Green bridge animal overpass.

StrenCor represents Asset's commitment to bringing the latest development in the field of wide span corrugated metal structures to our customers. StrenCor is a deep corrugated structural plate (DCSP). As with our MultiPlate® product range, StrenCor combines the advantages of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel.

Designed to: 

StrenCor has larger annular corrugations (381mm x 140mm or 500mm x 237mm) than MultiPlate® which is 200mm x 55mm. The additional stiffness of this larger corrugation means that greater spans can be achieved compared to MultiPlate® or even SuperSpan® MultiPlate®. The lightweight modular panels can be shipped easily and economically to even the most remote locations. It can be assembled adjacent to the job site, then moved into place using relatively light lifting equipment. 

  • CD375 Live Load and Durability Clauses. 

  • CHBDC. 

  • AISI. 

  • ASHTO. 

  • Eurocode. 

Approved certification

Structure Design: 

  • CAN/CSA-6 Canadian (CHBDC). 

  • AASHTO LRFD Design Specification. 

For further technical information
please review the StrenCor information document

Asset StrenCor A4 V4 Information Documen
Asset StrenCor Certification

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