Over 65 years of experience in designing
MultiPlate corrugated steel structures 
for a variety of applications


Asset MultiPlate® is suitable for a wide range
of projects including: 

  • Culverts. 

  • Re-lining.

  • Ecological Crossings. 

  • Vehicle underpasses.

  • Pedestrian underpasses. 

  • Livestock underpasses. 

  • Railway tunnels. 

  • Material recovery tunnels.

  • Portal Structures. 

  • Conveyor tunnels. 

  • Service tunnels. 

Asset MultiPlate

The benefits of Asset MultiPlate® MP200
1.8M - 12.0M span range:

  • Cost-effective solutions. 

  • Efficient installation. 

  • Lightweight; minimising foundation requirements. 

  • Effective bespoke designs.

  • Adaptable in many applications. 

  • The UK design method CD375 that all of our designs can be based upon a "non-maintained" basis over this life span.

Approvals for MP200 Asset MultiPlate® include: 

  • Highways Agency Type Approval Certificate. 

  • BBA HAPAS Certificate 18/H282.

  • CE Marking to Harmonised Standard EN 1090.

MultiPlate Corrugated Steel Culvert


Asset culvert carries the realigned

Forth Replacement Crossing:

M9 junction 1A Swine Burn under the M9 slip road.

MultiPlate MP200

Ashleigh Farms 

Digester tank designed for Ashleigh Farm. Asset MultiPlate® can be designed for a wide range of tank sizes and applications.

MultiPlate Corrugated Steel Pedestrian Access

Port Talbot PDR

Asset MultiPlate® Superspan designed for pedestrian access.

Multiplate Corrugated Steel Bridge Restrengthening

Kilrenny Bridge

Asset tunnel liner plate under
the existing bridge and infilling between the two structures 
with concrete. 

The versatility of MultiPlate® in terms of structure shapes and sizes offers the widest possible choice to the designer addressing conventional design problems and also considerable scope for originality when faced with one of the many unusual problems which arise in today’s construction industry. MultiPlate® (200mm x 55mm) corrugation is manufactured in a wide range of steel thicknesses and plate sizes. The range of applied finishes available includes galvanising and further optional secondary coatings.

Designed to: 

Our principle design method is the UK Highways CD375 design, considering up to normal and abnormal levels of traffic. The design programme ensures up to a 120-year design life which is fully compliant with modern-day applications.
Approved certification

MultiPlate® structures provide a high compressive strength and create a composite steel/soil structure by transferring imposed loads to the surrounding backfill. Structural load capacity is a function of structure span, wall thickness and backfill properties. Foundation loads are considerably reduced compared to those exerted by rigid structures under similar load conditions. 

Using our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to look
into the key parameters of the design to find efficiencies and potential
cost savings. 

For further technical information
please review the MultiPlate information document.

Asset Multiplate A4 V4 Information Docum
Asset MultiPlate Certification

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