The innovative Asset BaFix ballast retention system has a design life
of up to 120 years 


Asset BaFix Ballast Retention System

  • Fully used and approved by Network Rail and LU.

  • Authorised for use by Irish Rail.

  • Lightweight ballast retention units in 6m lengths.

  • Reduced whole life costs.

  • Creates a stable level adjacent to the track.

  • Quick and easy, reducing installation time whilst backfilling compared to gabion baskets and concrete ballast boards.

  • Can be filled using automatic conveyor systems.

  • Allow cable troughs or ducts to be installed and maintained within the system.

  • Palisade fencing post or key clamp system anchored within the supported BaFix structures using the fence post anchoring system Sleeve-It by Strata Systems, Inc.    

Why use Asset BaFix? 

The Asset BaFix system could reduce the levels of maintenance caused by the loss of the ballast shoulder over-time and assist in the following situations by reducing:


  • Lateral stability caused by ballast tamping. 

  • Loss of ballast during flooding or on soft ground. 

  • Loss of ballast at the intersection of the rail overbridge with
    a road underbridge.

The benefit of the Asset BaFix system: 

The performance benefits of using a lightweight containment unit in 6m lengths is that it is more economical, it maintains a long design life and it’s fast installation method is a benefit against most conventional rail retaining methods. 

Folkstone Warren

Asset BaFix was used on this project to provide a track ballast shoulder
retention system.

Asset BaFix

Asset BaFix is produced in three different heights 1.0m, 0.7m
and 0.5m.

Mast Stability

Asset BaFix can be used for OLE mast foundation stabilisation.

Underbridge 24

Cannock to Bloxwich route. Asset BaFix ballast retention was installed to two sides of a single entrance of the underbridge.

The Asset BaFix is used and approved by Network Rail (PA05/06325). Authorised for use by ‘LU’ (Reg No. 3082) and used  by Irish Rail.
It provides an innovative track ballast shoulder retention system for the rail industry. The key benefit to installing the system is in retaining the loss of ballast over time, whilst creating a long term stable border for the ballast.

Securing the Ballast:

Installing Asset BaFix provides a robust solution to long-term railway maintenance issues. The product is available in three heights including 500mm, 700mm or 1000mm. The front panel is made
of high quality aluminium - zinc alloy coated mesh formed with an inclination of 80°. 

Ballast retention saves money, eliminates damage to cable troughs or ducts, maintains acceptable levels of safety and line speed. In addition, the Asset BaFix offers future improvements such as raising the track level if required. It can also be used in the National Electrification programme OLE in conjunction with retaining ballast around
cantilever masts. 

For further technical information
please review the BaFix Manual

ASSET BaFix & Sleeve-IT A4 V2 Informatio



ASSET BaFix Manual V6 FRONT COVER 13_05_
Approved for use by
ASSET BaFix Certification

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