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About Asset International Structures

The original concept of corrugated steel pipe was introduced by ARMCO in the USA in 1896 with the first being manufactured in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Since that time, it has become a major drainage material and construction tool throughout the world.

In 1954, ARMCO established manufacturing in South Wales, UK. Hill & Smith Holdings Plc purchased the UK arm of ARMCO in 1986 and traded under the name of ASSET International, a division of Hill & Smith Ltd
Here at ASSET International Structures we have serious specialties in the Small Bridge and Culvert market, our leading brand name of ‘MULTIPLATE’ from ASSET International Structures, has now firmly established itself as a leader in its market place.  ‘MULTIPLATE’, in its various formats, has now been produced for supply into the road construction industry for over 100 years.

ASSET International Structures have fully embraced the modern day awareness of the need for value engineering. The UK Design Method BD12/01 that we follow as a mandatory minimum process not only ensures a 120 year design life, but guarantees that all of our designs can be based upon a “non-maintained” basis over this life span.

The NRA issued a Directive (NRA Circular No. 09/2004) in June 2004 to all their Regional Offices and all Consulting Engineers that in all work on NRA projects, senior engineers be asked to consider the use of corrugated steel structures on all such schemes.

Over the last few years, we at ASSET International Structures have made some exciting changes and new additions to our business in order to improve our ability to be of service to our clients on a global scale.

From supplying the widest corrugated ‘Stren-Cor’ steel arch ever constructed within the UK in recent years – ‘The first in the world’ to be lifted and installed over an existing “live” railway line in less than two hours – To designing environmentally conscious MULTIPLATE structures which provide safe passage for bats, otters, fish and badgers as a part of major highway developments; our aim is to provide our customers with products which are flexible, highly innovative and that can reduce installed costs.

In line with this strategy, we have secured the exclusive license to distribute Stren-Cor product throughout the UK and Europe. These products will complement our existing product range and allow us to continue to offer cost-effective and easy-to-install alternatives to traditional conventional materials within the construction and related industries.

Since 2006, we have been designing and distributing BEBO pre-cast concrete arch units throughout the UK, Ireland, Poland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Our first BEBO arch structure in the UK was for the Dobwalls Bypass project which was the first Significant Precast Concrete Arch built over major national rail line since the Gerrard’s Cross Failure.

Our latest development, in order to offer our clients a more comprehensive solution, we are now the sole agent to distribute VSOL reinforced earth system in the UK and Ireland. The VSoL® retained earth system is a composite soil reinforcing system that uses welded wire mesh or polymeric strips to resist the horizontal forces generated within an earth backfill.

A retained earth structure is a stable, unified gravity mass that can be designed for use in a wide range of civil engineering applications.