Stren•Cor represents ASSET’s commitment to bringing the latest development in the field of wide span corrugated metal structures to our UK customers. ASSET ISS are the official agent of Armtec, Canada for Stren-Cor in the UK and Europe. Stren-Cor is a deep corrugated structural plate type II, which is known as Bridge Plate.

Stren•Cor - Introduction

As with our MULTIPLATE product range, Stren•Cor combines the advantage of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel.


Stren•Cor has larger annular corrugations (400 mm pitch and 150 mm depth) than MULTIPLATE. The additional stiffness of this larger corrugation means that greater spans can be achieved compared to MULTIPLATE or even SuperSpan MULTIPLATE.


The lightweight modular panels can be shipped easily and economically to even the most remote location and can be assembled adjacent to the job site, then moved into place using relatively light equipment. This means reduced closure times and lower installation costs.

Stren•Cor A sensible and economical choice for:

  • wildlife underpasses
  • vehicle underpasses
  • underground storage
  • railway underpasses
  • bridges
  • stream enclosures
  • box culverts
  • storage magazines

Stren•Cor box culverts combine the strength and cost advantages of Stren•Cor’s corrugation profile with a special patented continuous reinforcement along the length of the structure. The extra strength of continuous reinforcement permits designs up to 12.3 m, compared to the 7.8 m span limit for other metal box culverts. This makes Stren•Cor box culverts the ideal solution for long span, low rise situations with shallow cover.

Stren•Cor Arches surpass the range of MULTIPLATE arches with spans exceeding 15 m. They can be installed over natural stream beds without environmental disturbance.

High profile Stren•Cor Arches are ideal for highway grade separations or in applications requiring large end areas or wide spans.

Stren•Cor Round structures permit construction of dramatically larger diameters than was previously possible. This common and very versatile shape is frequently chosen for culverts, sewers and sub-drains. However, it can also be used for storage bins, access ways, tunnels, bridges, and storm water retention/detention systems.

For further details including technical specifications, profile details, installation, assembly, backfill and design methods etc, please contact ASSET’s Stren•Cor sales office.

Stren•Cor - Shapes and Sizes


Stren•Cor Datasheets

Our Stren•Cor datasheets are available to download below by clicking on the individual links.

Strencor Railway Tunnels – South Stockton

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Strencor Railway Tunnels – South Stockton