ASSET International Structures has a long history of successful exporting of their products, not only as part of the Infrastructure Products Group of Hill & Smith PLC but also under the previous name of Armco Construction Products.

Our structures have been installed worldwide and include accommodation shelters in the Antarctic, camel underpasses in Dubai to culverts at Thule airbase, Greenland.

  • Our structures can be efficiently packaged and bundled to minimise shipment space.
  • A wide range of shapes are available including:
  • Round pipe, pipe arch, underpass, arch and elliptical.
  • We provide a supportive export service from design to final supply.
  • We have representation in most European countries as shown on the map below

Furthermore, Asset International Structures is also distributing BEBO concrete arches in Poland, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

For further details regarding the contact information and more about ASSET’s export service please contact ASSET’s export technical manager David Mason, e-mail david.mason@assetint.co.uk or telephone +44(0)1633 637502.


ASSET International Structures – actively looking for representatives worldwide

ASSET International Structures’ strategy is to continue growth by promoting our portfolio of products into the global markets, and we are looking for new representatives to promote our products worldwide.

Interested parties should forward their portfolio to David Mason Export Technical Manager via email: david.mason@assetint.co.uk  or telephone +44(0)1633 637502.