Composite Sheet Pile Wall System

Composite Sheet Pile Wall System

SuperLoc™ all Composite Sheet Pile System is a patented fiberglass sheet pile retaining wall structure for waterfront applications where environmental considerations require a sheet pile wall structure that will not rot, decay, rust or spall.

Potential highway related uses for FRP piling are:

  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Temporary Works
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Noise Barriers
  • Channel Linings
  • Anti Scour Around Bridge Foundations
  • Balancing Pond Walls
  • Flood Control Walls
  • Cut Off and Slurry Walls
1SuperLoc™ Composite Sheet Pile

Tired of replacing your current seawall or bulkhead?  Marine borers destroying your wall?  SuperLoc™ Composite sheet Pile was engineered to replace traditional materials of bulkhead construction. While wood is rotting, concrete is spalling and steel is rusting, SuperLoc™ fiberglass sheet piling will be there for the test of time protecting your asset.

SuperWale™ Sheet Pile Retaining Wall

Superwale™ eliminates the need for timber, steel or concrete wale sections. The pultruded FRP wale section was specifically designed to replace wood, steel and concrete for applications where the environmental considerations require a high strength FRP wale section that will not rot, rust, spall or succumb to marine borers. Superwale™ can be installed above or below the waterline or in the transition area. The patented profile features a unique shape that allows the tie back rod to recess into the wale section. This feature increases human safety and decreases the possibility of damaging boats, personal watercraft or other high dollar assets in the event they rub against the FRP wale.

3SuperLoc™ Sheet Pile Accessories

The SuperLoc™ system features sheet pile corner connectors, sheet pile caps, wale splice plates and washers. The accessories were developed to enhance the system and to stand the test of time.

Composite Sheet Pile Wall System – Case Studies

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Composite Sheet Pile Wall System – Datasheets

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