BEBO precast arch solutions have over 50 years experience in the field, resulting in thousands of structures
built worldwide 


The best overfilled arch structures worldwide 

  • Road bridges. 

  • Rail tunnels. 

  • Underpasses/overbridges for pedestrians.

  • Livestock or vehicles underpasses. 

  • Green bridges.

  • Wildlife bridges. 

  • Viaducts. 

  • Stream culverts. 

  • Sewage outfalls and floodplains. 

BEBO Arch Solution

The benefits of the BEBO Arch System: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing structure. 

  • Slender arch sections. 

  • Ideal to carry vertical loads. 

  • Simple on-site construction. 

  • Moderate requirements for fill material. 

  • Extremely durable - no approach slabs, transition joints and moving bearings. 

  • Specifications and guidelines. 

  • Pre-engineered arch design. 

  • Variety of shapes and spans.

  • Various end treatments. 

BEBO Bicester Bridge Website Photo 2.jpg

NW Bicester

Two BEBO arches were designed
to create two river 
at North West Bicester.

StoneHaven Light 03_edited.jpg


A single BEBO arch access bridge for a new housing estate in Scotland.

Chapel Road Website BEBO Image.JPG

Chapel Road

A twin BEBO arch bridge designed and manufactured for the Camborne-Pool Redruth
East-West link road. 

Sperritt Tunnel.jpg

A38 Dobwalls Bypass

Overfilled BEBO arch tunnel placed on a 500m radius to the existing track with integrated bevel ends. 

The BEBO Arch System is a standardised patented precast concrete arch system for the design and construction of earth overfilled bridges, tunnels, culverts and other underground structures.


The fully pre-engineered BEBO System features the world’s largest precast concrete arch structures, offering spans from 3.7m to in excess of 35m. 

Used and approved by:

  • Consultants. 

  • Public authorities. 

  • Local government. 

  • Property developers. 

  • Housebuilders and contractors in the road, rail and water sectors within the UK and Europe. 

The BEBO Arch Types: 

Designed to: 

The BEBO Arch System consists of a series of predefined highly efficient and optimised arch shapes. The different standard spans and rises allow for the design to be adapted into different layouts such as shallow and high grade separation applications. This allows for the accommodation of various clearance profiles for highway overpasses as well as the fulfilment of stringent flow capacity requirements for
river crossings. 

  • Comply with the latest Eurocode standards. 

Approved certification

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BEBO Certification

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