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2ND - 5TH MAY, 2023

Sustainability Week 2023

It’s Sustainability Week here at Asset HQ! We have an exciting schedule planned, which looks at a range of topics including managing our carbon footprint, ways to engage with our local community, as well as ideas for biodiversity.

Sustainability Week is a perfect opportunity for us as a business to raise awareness of vital topics relating to ESG, as well as generating ideas as a team on what we can do to contribute to some really worthwhile courses.

Woman in an office giving a presentation


The topics for Day 1 are Waste Management and looking at ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint. We had a series of engaging discussions around what we can do as a business and as individuals to reduce waste. We have agreed to help keep Wales tidy by volunteering for a litter picking day in our local area, which is currently being planned out.

The second half of the day was dedicated to calculating our individual carbon footprints via: HERE. The calculation only took a few minutes to complete, and was truly eye opening to see the different results amongst the team! We are now looking at ways of reducing our individual figures in order to bring our overall scores down as much as possible.

Woman in an office giving a presentation


On Day 2 we spoke about our potential involvement in STEM Learning UK via the support of See Science. We have already discussed why STEM is so important via our recent ESG Matters talk. What was covered in today’s session was how we could get involved, as well as brainstorming some ideas.

We are really excited to explore STEM in more detail, so watch this space!

Woman in an office giving a presentation


On Day 3, we planned out our next community engagement activity. We have decided as a team to donate any unwanted items to St David's Hospice Care. St David’s do amazing work within our local community, providing comprehensive care to patients, their families and carers facing life-limiting illnesses.

To find out more, visit HERE

Woman in an office giving a presentation


What a fantastic week it has been, and a great way to round up Sustainability Week here at Asset HQ! The theme for Day 4 was Biodiversity, a huge topic in itself… We decided to focus on bumblebees because of their importance to the planet. Victoria took us on an excellent journey into the significance of bumblebees, and what we can do to help conserve these BEEautiful creatures. 🐝

Enter a wildflower growing competition to help encourage bumblebees within our local area! 🌱 We all rolled up our sleeves and got to work, and will measure our progress in time for World Bee Day 2023. Watch this space!


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