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ASSET Products Page Logos MultiPlate 201

Asset MultiPlate® MP200

MultiPlate® is a construction system based around curved, corrugated, galvanised steel sheets which are bolted together to form durable structures, or part structures, of variable profiles that can be deployed in a variety of civil engineering applications.

ASSET Products Page Logos MultiPlate 201

Asset StrenCor

StrenCor combines the advantage of lightweight construction with the superior strength and durability of galvanised steel. StrenCor has larger annular corrugations 381mm x 140mm or 400 mm x 150 mm. 

Asset BaFix

Asset BaFix Ballast Retention System

BaFix provides an innovative track ballast shoulder retention system designed for use in the rail industry. 

BEBO Arch System

BEBO Arch Solution

The BEBO Concrete Arch Bridge System from Asset is a pre-engineered system. Precast concrete arch sections are shipped to site for installation. 

VSoL Reatained Earth System

VSoL Retained Earth System

The VSoL earth system using polymeric strip reinforcing. The retained earth structure is a stable, unified gravity mass that can be designed for use in a wide range of civil engineering applications.


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