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asset FRP Composite Pedestrian Bridge Decks and Cantilever Sidewalks are an ideal solution
for rehabilitating existing bridges or installing new structures

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asset FRP Pedestrian Bridge Decks and Cantilever Sidewalks

Key product features: 

asset FRP Pedestrian Bridge Decks and Cantilever Sidewalks

Key product benefits: 

  • Sustainable low maintenance.

  • High-quality FRP material

  • Design flexibility with a range of panel sizes

  • Extremely durable


asset FRP pedestrian bridge decks are designed to be installed as new footbridges or retrofitted to existing bridges. FRP decks are 80% lighter than reinforced concrete; this dramatically reduces the dead load to an existing bridge. It decreases the weight of new

bridges by many tons, optimising the bridge design with reduced main beams sizes and minimising abutment, lowering plant costs and civil works.

  • Corrosion and weather-resistant.

  • Non-slip surfaces are applied to the decks.

  • Reduced loads in the underlying construction.

  • Off-site modular components maximising safety on-site

  • Minimising embodied carbon


asset FRP cantilever walkways allow extensions to existing road and rail bridges creating safe walking and cycling spaces. The walkway's inherent lightweight properties minimise additional deadweight being applied to existing bridges reducing the need for additional

bridge reinforcing.

Why consider asset FRP

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