asset FRP Composite Rail Platforms provide the rail industry with
a robust 
corrosion-resistant structure

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asset FRP Composite Rail Platforms

Key product features: 

  • High-quality FRP material.

  • Non-slip surface and tactile paving.

  • Design flexibility with a range of panel sizes.

  • Lightweight structure for easy installation.

Product benefits:

  • Highly corrosion-resistant

  • Minimal maintenance lower life cycle costs analysis

  • Speed of installation reducing construction time

  • Can be installed where foundations are either concrete or piled systems.

  • Fewer components reducing health and safety risks on site. 


The asset FRP platform's high specification is designed to perform under all weather conditions and, in addition, will not deteriorate during chemical de-icing and high levels of foot traffic at stations.

For ease of installation, the panels are lightweight, reducing construction time during train schedules and decreasing the inconvenience to commuters.

The system's available design options are the moulded slab system at 4.5m long or the double tee at 10.4m long. Typical widths 3.3m can go wider in multiple panels.

Additional Platform Options:

  • Attachment points for the back fence, benches, lamp posts end of platform fencing and underside utilities/services.

  • Speed lines.

  • Rainwater gutter.

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Why consider asset FRP