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Come and join one of the many growing companies within the Hill & Smith PLC Group.



Our team combines a wealth of knowledge and experience in providing value-added innovative solutions to the infrastructure markets around the globe. We have experienced engineers and sales personnel who strive to meet all our clients’ expectations.

Our approach is one that embraces collaboration and teamwork. Although each employee has their core responsibilities, the practice of cross-examination of projects and collaboration of how we deliver the best solutions for our clients is always at the forefront.

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We believe in a working environment that is about:


  • Sharing ideas.

  • Embracing a positive attitude in the workplace.

  • Always finding a solution to a problem.

  • Being proud of our achievements and that of our colleagues.

  • Consistently striving to deliver success above and beyond expectations.



Wherever you aim to take your career we will strive to support you in developing your skills and knowledge in the workplace. By supporting us in achieving our goals we will strive to help you to succeed and grow within our business. 
Our vision is to continue to build a positive workplace which is driven by possibilities resulting in a rewarding working environment for all.

Skilful, knowledgeable and successful individuals create outstanding work!

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We thrive on growing and attracting the best talent in the industry. In doing so we believe that encouraging learning and development is key to success.
All employees are encouraged to take part in the professional development process and seek to improve their skills and knowledge both inside and outside of the workplace.

Achieving your potential is as important to us as it is to you!

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