asset VSoL has over 30 years of experience
in providing versatile solutions for retaining
wall construction 


The asset VSoL® Polymeric Strip Reinforcement System is suitable for a wide range of projects including: 

  • Highway and rail retaining walls.

  • Retained earth walls for asset BEBO arches.

  • General landscaping walls. 

  • Bridge abutments. 

  • Culverts. 


asset VSoL® is a reinforced soil wall system that combines: 

  • Advanced engineering. 

  • Reliable performance. 

  • Ease of construction. 

  • Aesthetically pleasing. 

  • Provides an economical wall solution. 

Since its development in California in 1981, the asset VSoL® Retained Earth System has been continuously improved. asset International Structures is the exclusive partner for the UK and Ireland. asset VSoL® has proved its performance as a cost-effective construction technique in a variety of retaining wall applications. 

The modular, easy to install system can be used for a range of backfill soils and foundation conditions. Straight, curved, tiered, superimposed or back to back walls can all be accommodated
by design due to the flexibility of the asset VSoL® Polymeric Strip Reinforcement System. 

VSoL Website Image Hatch Daries Wall.jpg

Hatch Farm Dairies

600m2 asset VSoL retained earth walls for a housing development 
in Wokingham

VSoL Website Image M11 Wall.jpg


10,000m2 asset VSoL retained earth walls over 32 structures for road, rail and a water crossing for the M11
Gorey to Enniscorthy

VSoL Website Wall Image 04.jpg

Chapel Road

asset VSoL retained earth wall designed in conjunction with asset BEBO arches. Installed in Cornwall.


NW Bicester

500m2 asset VSoL retained earth walls for two river crossings cladded with
a Bekstone natural stone

Asset International Structures VSoL®
design and supply package: 

In support of the asset VSoL® system, asset can provide full design calculations to accommodate local design standards. By the use of comprehensive software for wall design, drafting and project costing. asset International Structures can provide rapid and cost-effective design evaluations as part of its’ asset VSoL® supply package. 

Proven standard components: 

asset VSoL® design solutions are tailored to individual project requirements. By using this approach with proven, standard components, a bespoke cost-effective design is achieved for each project. asset can provide full engineered solutions including the asset BEBO arch combined with asset VSoL®

Approvals & Certifications

For further technical information
review the asset VSoL
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Asset VSoL A4 V3 Information Document FR